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Ah! I was not aware that my Growl notices could be active. I'll try clicking on notices from other apps to see what I'm missing.

The trick here is what click-on-Growl means:
  • Clicking on a Growl notice when it appears clearly means "do the associated action."
  • But when I'm away from my Mac, I've asked Growl to keep all notices on screen. Clicking these sticky notices is the only way to make them disappear.
A discussion in the Growl forum mentioned the close ("x") button. I'll try clicking it the next time to see if I can dismiss a notice with OmniFocus finding out.
The clicking thing can be very handy. I mostly use it with GrowlMail; when the notification shows and I see the message I have been waiting for for ages, I just click on the growl window and thus open the e-mail directly, without having to switch to and then select the message in question.

The close button should appear when you hover with your mouse over a growl notification. If you also keep the option key pressed (or was it control?), all notifications will be closed in one go.