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When adding a license, I'm prompted for the license type (computer or personal). The license I purchased did not make this distinction. Is there a functional difference between these two license types?
This just determines where the license is installed, which in turn controls which user accounts will see the license.

If you install it as a personal license, it gets stored in your user account, so other user accounts won't see and try to use it.

If you install it as a computer license, it gets stored in a shared location, so all user accounts on the computer can find that license and attempt to use it.

Personal licenses are used in preference to Computer licenses, so that person A with a personal license for OmniFocus will use that one, instead of claiming the shared license and thus potentially preventing use by someone who doesn't have a personal license but who could have otherwise used the shared license. This mostly comes in to play with Network licenses, such as at a company with many client computers - if your network is configured in a specific way, you can put the license in a particular place on the network such that client computers will find that network license, rather than forcing you to control licenses installed on a bunch of separate client computers.