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Maybe you should contact the support ninjas via Send Feedback under OmniFocus' Help menu. They may or may not respond to your post here.
Truth, I posted it here because out of 9 messages sent to the ninjas, I've had zero useful replies. I know they're behind, but even when they do catch up, the answer's always "I'll add that to the development database". As far as I can tell, none of the bugs I've reported there have ever been fixed. Posts here tend to catch Omni's attention better.

(I realize that the iPhone launch, and the simultaneous launch of the best-but-necessarily-most-complex multi-way sync I have ever seen, has sucked up a lot of the dev resources lately. I hope that, with most of the sync bugs fixed, and the upcoming Bonjour support, they can get back to fit-and-finish issues soon.)

That said, I can't very well complain if I don't keep trying, so I sent this one in too (OG #366290).

As for speed based on number of CPU cores, I don't think it really makes any difference in this case unless you're seeing a huge spike in CPU usage when you open the quick entry window.
Well, actually, I was seeing a spike. But the point (which I didn't make very well) was that a one-second delay on a MacBook Pro can be a normal thing; a one-second delay on a fast desktop is rare. I have a four-drive, 15K SAS RAID-10 array, 16GB RAM, and 8 cores. Even PhotoShop launches in under 10 seconds; most other actions occur by the time I let go of the mouse button. So, while "a whole SECOND!" doesn't sound very slow - it really is, and I'm sure it's even worse on the average laptop.

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