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This really isn’t particularly an OF issue, but more of a pure GTD question — and the OF user community seems up for that! Perhaps someone could also point me in the direction of a good pure GTD forum ...

Here’s the thing ...

I never know what to get done!

I use OF intensively to capture ideas for things to get done, and to organize my projects and actions. I feel like I’m pretty good at it, and it seems like I’m doing it more less just as David Allen intended. But my actual work day is too filled with dealing with things that are right in my face, and rarely try to use OF to figure out what to do.

The result is that I have a lovely and vast database of projects and actions that I review regularly ... but basically ignore. I am “going through the motions” of GTD, but what I actually choose to do all day every day is not really guided by anything stored in OF. Rather than choosing an action from OF, doing it, and then checking it off, I do things that come up essentially at random, and then go looking for those actions in OF so that I can have the satisfaction of checking them off!

And when I do try to use OF to figure out what to do ... it just seems totally overwhelming. Dozens of “due” next actions from dozens of different projects, with, frankly, absolutely no sense of which with them is actually the most important next thing to do ... I just end up winging it and doing whatever “feels” the most urgent, a process does not feel at all organized! :-)

How can I better use OF to actually choose actions?

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