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A more specific question about zooming in on next actions ...

When viewing only next actions of active projects, I notice that my single action projects show ALL their actions. I understand the rationale for it (I think), but they sorta visually overwhelm projects that may be much more important yet are displaying only a next action. So I get this kind of effect ...

sequential project: save Earth from hostile aliens
action: hack mothership wifi network from iPhone

single action project: misc cat stuff
action: buy cat food
action: pat cat
action: clean litterbox
action: do catís bidding
etc, etc for fifty cat-o-centric items

Really, saving Earth is probably more important than (indeed a pre-requisite for) doing the catís bidding. But the catís list takes up waaaay more screen real estate and consequently seems more important, which is doubtless how the cat would want it, but it constitutes clutter and heats up me brain.

Can anything be done about this? Some lists could be paused, but other need to stay active. But it seems like if they are active, they show all their actions.