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This is extremely off-topic for these forums but maybe someone is interested in this:

Recently I have succeeded in installing NeXTSTEP 3.3 and Apple Rhapsody DR2 under VMWare Fusion!

OmniGroup's apps were important pieces of software for these operating systems. It's quite interesting to see the differnces to today's OS X apps. Interestingly there are some very well known features in OmniWeb (including the recently reintegrated Gopher support!).

It would be great fun to surf the internet using OmniWeb 2.7 (NeXTSTEP) or 3.0 (Rhapsody), but I just don't get the network/internet working under VMWare Fusion for these OSs.

Maybe someone in here is used to these operating systems and has already succeeded to set up networking under VMWare Fusion?

Would be great if someone could give a short instruction.



Sadly under Rhapsody it is not possible to use Omni apps, when the actual date is set, because the demo license expired sometime in 1998.
Maybe the OmniGroup got some old unsold licenses for OmniImage/PDF and OmniWeb and wants to share them with us so that Omni Apps can be used in Rhapsody with current date and time set? ;-)

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