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Hmm, I'm not seeing this in 1.6.1. I switch to a perspective, close the window without quitting OmniFocus, then click the dock icon. A new window opens to my main perspective (i.e. the one I use most of the time) with all view options and window title displaying correctly.

Am I missing something to reproduce the problem?

No, you're doing it about the same as I am. I've created new perspectives to test, and I always get the same issue. When I close the window and then click on the dock icon, I get a new window that opens up, it has the correct perspective name in the titlebar, but it has changed to what appears to be the LAST selected default perspective.

For example:
  • Click on a custom perspective
  • Click on the "flagged" built in perspective
  • Click back onto the custom perspective
  • Close the window
  • Click the dock icon, thus reopening the window
  • The window will say it's your perspective name, but it will have the settings of the previously selected default perspective.

I can't pinpoint what would be causing this, and it's pretty minor in the whole scheme of things, but I can't figure out what's making it happen.

What the settings should be:

What the settings are when the window re-opens: