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Hello andreas_g, everybody,
I find this very interesting! I have tried to install Nextstep 3.3 under VMware Fusion 3 and, so far, only succeeded in running a black and white, VGA version with a 'jumpy' mouse pointer which makes the system almost unusable (despite installing an 'updated' mouse driver which was supposed to fix this problem).
I would find this solution of running Nextstep (or Openstep) in a virtualization environment very useful as I can no longer keep my NeXT machine running (SERIOUS lack of space!), so any help in getting this working would be VERY much appreciated!
did you manage to work out the problem with the networking? Assuming you have, have you managed to get online using - presumably - OmniWeb (for Nextstep) and, if so, what is the setup to make it work?
Many thanks! Cheers!