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Hi all,

So after having implemented a long folder hierarchy representing my areas of responsibility, etc., returning to OF I find that I'm longing for the simplicity of a true GTD implementation (see e.g. David Allen Co whitepaper on Entourage): so I'm going to dispense with my folders (right now I'm keeping Work/Personal, but I plan to do away with that soon as well).
I really enjoyed having a "reminder" of my areas of responsibilities and of long-term projects that are more abstract than concrete (e.g.: "X years later, be happy having made decision Y now"). I've found that TaskPaper works really well for me for this kind of stuff, so I'm going to try to have it running across the 3 platforms (Mac, iPhone, iPad) along with OF so I can get both foci.
In the meantime, I'd really love to hear from those of you who have not been using folders for any tips/tricks/advice and/or problems arising with large numbers of projects.