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I've gone back and forth with this and it was holding me up so I decided to keep my folders. I'm not sure if its change resistance or I really need the segregation that folders gives me.

I have a Home and Office folder. In my office folder, I have a sub folder for each client I consult for. Within Client X's folder I have a folder for each project I'm working on for them which contains any documents related to that project.

Whats worse is I travel weekly and have replicated this folder structure on my laptop and when I get home on Friday, I move things to my desktop. I have started using smart folders to identify what folders I want to keep on my MBP and copy them manually Sunday night before I leave on Monday.

I'm not sure what I'm missing but how would eliminating my folder structure be better? I've already screwed up and forgot to copy my desktop folders to my laptop so clearly this is not a good solution!

Sorry, wasn't trying to hijack the thread but I would like to hear from those committed to not using folders about their experience!