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Is anyone else seeing this behavior? I recall this happening a lot when I upgraded my phone to 4.0, and now that my iPad has "multitasking" I'm seeing it again.

It appears that OF isn't recognizing when it's brought back from the background. For instance, I had it open earlier in the morning and went on to some other programs. It's been off for a few hours and now I bring OF back to the foreground and an item that was due at 12:00 pm today is still grayed out as if it's not available yet even though it's 2:44 pm. (I'll be sending a screenshot to the ninjas tonight.)

Just wanted to know if anyone else is seeing this. It's been happening since yesterday, and the only way I can force OF to notice the new time is to forcibly quit it in the multitasking bar and restart the app; then it updates normally.