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Thanks for this workaround.

But I would much appreciate to have an updated version of OmniFocus that can handle this. And it seems to be not only to a Lion Server problem.

I used to keep my OnmiFocus database on a Synology NAS and synced my iPhone and iPad with it from everywhere. My OmniFocus 1.9.2 bought on the Mac App Store (MAS) could sync nicely with the NAS, too. After upgrading my iMac to Lion, I also upgraded my Synology DiskStation to a new firmware, DSM 3.2beta for Lion compatibility. This worked pretty well, no sync issues so far. Just recently Synology released the final version of DSM 3.2, and afterwards I started to get sync errors. I then tried to move the OnmiFocus database to my Mac mini Lion Server and sync through WebDav. But exactly the same errors happened.

I think Synology uses reverse engineered protocols to stay compatible with Lion. I am not sure if they reverse engineered successfully the Lion Server WebDav problems. Seems a bit strange.

Then OmniFocus 1.9.3 came out. The MAS Version was still not out, so I tried the trial version from the website, and it worked! When v1.9.3. was available on the MAS I removed the trial version and downloaded from the MAS again, but instantly got sync errors again.

Even more strange.