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I'm very close, but still missing the mark. It appears that three of you have it working under Lion.

Would someone post their httpd_webdavsharing.conf, and explicitly mark any sensitive details that were removed?

I can connect from another Mac over WebDav if I disable SMB and AFP using the default settings, or with the recommended changes. However, I must use the following URL, not what was posted:

However, if I configure OmniFocus to use that URL, it prompts me for the password, creates a folder for a very brief period of time, and deletes it.

I followed the suggestions CTRLD posted, but the alias does not work, so I only was able to connect by using the default directories and changing permissions.

In addition to posting a sample httpd_webdavsharing.conf,
1) how do you format the file to get more than one user directory to work for more than one user?

2) What is meant by CTRLD's post when he/she says:
"In the WebDAV Sync preferences setup URL"?
I'm assuming this is OmniFocus' "Location". As such, I don't see how "https /secretplace/" could work. Should it not be ""? That is, with a http (not https), and without spaces? Or is this item configured in another server configuration file.

3) Is basic authentication required for OmniFocus if only IOS devices and Mac desktops will access the share?