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I've been using OF for a few weeks now and am really liking where Omni is going with this product. I have, however, come to a slight roadblock in how the current implementation handles folders, projects and tasks. Maybe I'm just missing how to create subprojects, since I can easily create subfolders and subtasks.

I'm an experimental scientist (molecular biology, that kind of stuff) and I am often working on what I would consider to be parallel subprojects of a main project to determine which is the best approach solving a particular problem within the main project. At some point, one or more of these parallel subprojects will get dropped or put on hold. Where OF is falling down for me is that ONLY projects and NOT tasks (or folders) can be dropped or put on hold. It appears that tasks can only be "completed or deleted."

I would much prefer an organizational structure of projects with subprojects that contain tasks (without subtasks) than the current lack of subprojects. I think that a structure with subprojects also better matches the GTD definitions of projects and tasks.