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Originally Posted by thomasgchappell
I would much prefer an organizational structure of projects with subprojects that contain tasks (without subtasks) than the current lack of subprojects. I think that a structure with subprojects also better matches the GTD definitions of projects and tasks.
I second this. Proper subprojects would also have next actions that would show up properly. I don't bother setting up complicated projects right now because the next action filter never works out right. Using folders for the top level of complicated projects is not always helpful either, and here's an example why:

I want to design and sew a baptismal gown for an infant. This kind of a project has a lot of different steps and things to consider, and I used both sequential and parallel projects in putting it together.

Project (sequential): Baptismal Gown
Subproject (parallel): Design
Sub-subproject (sequential): Create Pattern
Sub-subproject (sequential): Hem embroidery design
Sub-subproject (sequential): Chest embroidery design
Sub-subproject (parallel): Supplies & Materials
Subproject (sequential): Purchase Fabrics
Subproject (sequential): Make Gown

Okay. The top level is sequential, because I have to design the gown before I can purchase fabric, and I have to purchase fabric before I can actually sew it together. Because of this sequence, the top level MUST be a project, I can't use a folder. Individual experiments work this way, (generate samples, then do experiment, then analyze data), so folders aren't particularly useful.
The Design subproject is parallel because there are several different design elements that are independent of each other. The two areas of embroidery and the actual gown pattern are sequential, but my supplies and materials are parallel.
Once I finish the design, things are straightforward, of course.

Right now, when I filter by next action for this project, I only get one - the very next step to be done to create the pattern. But while designing the hem and chest embroideries are equally important subprojects, I don't see their next actions. And if I filter by available actions, I get overwhelmed by the full list of supplies and materials.

Thomas can't use a top-level folder containing a bunch of projects, because the entire project he's working on could be deferred or even dropped at some point (God forbid!), and you can't defer or drop folders. And sub projects can't be deferred or dropped individually if he uses one project. Right now he can get one piece of functionality, but only at the expense of the other, but he really needs both.

I'm sorry this was so long, but I couldn't figure out what was driving me crazy about subprojects until his post. There no real subprojects, i.e. things that can be held or dropped, and have their own next actions.