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If your "main project" doesn't have any tasks (but only subprojects) couldn't you put all the subprojects in a folder and consider the folder the "main project"? That might work within the OF structure as it currently is. [Edit: GeekLady brings up a good point about the top object not being a folder, since the subobjects need to be sequential. Good point! Which means my following statement still holds.]
It very quickly becomes a big kluge that doesn't work if I try to do this. If "project 1" (which now has to be folder "project 1" in folder "lab experiments") has a subproject on hold, then it is hard to adjust the indentation of other projects in "lab experiments" that might have a sub-subproject on hold, rather than a subproject. It ends up like Dante's Inferno, with "projects" in different levels of folder hell.