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It seems we're all organizing our projects with collections of tasks and are being frustrated in doing so. In my case I have a folder for the Boat sphere of my life and it has projects like Haul, Launch, Repair, and Maintenance. Once upon a time I had a specific subproject in Repair called "repair water wheel". I wanted to put that "project" on hold, but like Tom (is it OK if I call you Tom?) I did not like the choices of Delete or Complete. My kluge was to make it a Project in it's own right, but now it sits on par with Repair and not beneath it.

Furthermore, if I move that task collection out of the Repair project and into the project list using command-[ it goes at the bottom and not in the folder Boat.

And another thing: sometimes I have task collections—with the bold type and disclosure triangle—and sometimes I have uncollected tasks (ie. uncomplicated)—which are non-bold (and of varied colors and italics depending on the next-action and availability status). My eye thinks that all these items which are "on the same level" in the task "outline" should either behave the same and not have different fonts or they should not behave the same and appear as they do. I know I can change the fonts to my liking, but I'd prefer to help OF.alpha get it sorted out.

Here's a weird one: Move Boat is a task collection in the project Launch in the folder Boat. Now that those tasks are done for the year, when I view the Boat projects "arranged" to show Remaining tasks, the collection in bold with the disclosure triangle is there, but there are no tasks visible within/beneath it.

Should I be giving up on task collections and just have very long project lists? It seems at least some of us writing here have avoided that approach and find task collections intuitive.

I would rather see task collections behave more like projects than tasks, appear differently, and respond to the completion of all their true tasks. Often, the syntax I use makes the task collection the final task as well. "Move Boat" is the actual act of moving the boat, but part of making that happen involves phone calls, tide checks, last minute fixes and purchases, etc., so I would like to feel good and check it off myself when that is actually done.

I think I've said these things before, sorry to bore anyone.