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Having applications available on the iPhone made it easy to buy one. Having an excellent GTD application available, made the decision even easier.

I entered ~50 Actions and added about 6 context/sub-contexts. I couldn't get Location to work, although I added locations to the appropriate contexts such as Whole Foods to Errands:Groceries. I read the threads and recognize I might need to be able to tell Omnifocus my current location.

However, I went into Settings today to see if there was any more information and when I got back from Settings all my records were gone, except for the inital ones when you set up a database. I did go from Settings, to Help; which sent me to Safari, then back to Omnifocus which no longer had my records.

I am a standalone Omnifocus user. I did use the Send Feedback button to report this issue, but am writing this thread in the hope someone has an answer. I have not used Reset Database, since as Michella says in the intro that it is there, but contact us first before using it if you have a problem.

Thank you in advance,