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(I'm a new user - please excuse the basic questions - I am searching the forum and reading the manual but not finding everything that I think is likely to be possible)

I have a series of tasks, each 3 weeks long. I would like each task to start one week after the prior task (task 1 starts at T, task 2 starts at "task 1 start plus 1 week", task 3 starts at "task 3 start plus 1 week").

I can hard-code the start dates for tasks 2 and 3, but I thought there would be a way to use either dependencies or constraints to link task 2 to task 1 and task 3 to task 2.

I created start-start dependencies, but I couldn't find a way to enforce the 1 week separation.

I couldn't find a way to define the constraint as a function of the other task.

Am I on the right track? Suggestions? I know I could break each task up into two parts - one part that ends after the first week and a second part that includes the final two weeks - so that I would have a week-long activity that I could use to link to in each case, but that's a lot of extra activities to define and group so I'm hoping to find a more elegant solution.