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Big fan here with a suggestion on this topic:

Couldn't clicking on the Project name enter the user into edit mode -- the same way clicking on an action does now?

That is what I expected the first time I clicked on a project name seeking its details, including its notes and attached audio etc. As it is, you see only its associated actions. I'd find it consistent to discover all the other details down below them.

It wasn't till I found this thread that I discovered you had to go to the project list, click edit mode to get to its note. (At first I clicked the specific project, then edit mode, but that only let me edit the list of actions.) I figured the note data wasn't even included in sync. Happy to find that's not the case, but obviously I consider this forum a less than intuitive way to find Project notes ;)

If showing edit mode and all its details were deemed too crowded for that view of the project, I'd suggest including at least the project's note atop the list along with its actions.

Those project notes are where I do GTD's project brainstorming -- producing all the associated actions. It would be more consistent with the action interface and be GTD intuitive.

Thanks for listening, amazing program!