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All this time, I have been blaming the well-known JavaScript issues for all my trouble with OmniWeb. It didn't crash all that frequently, but the memory leaks were pretty bad, and it beachballed *all* the time.

When I updated the OS to 10.4.9 recently, I backed up/formatted/re-installed. I was having sort of very general trouble with the system, and wanted a fresh start. Since then (about a week ago, now), OmniWeb has not beachballed once. I've still got the WebKit memory leaks, of course, but there's nothing about OW's behaviour that's debilitating in the least. I've gotten into the habit of not loading more than 20 or so tabs and of flushing the cache and quitting/relaunching every once in a while, but earlier, I was getting continuous SBBs *in spite* of these checks and balances. I no longer do, which makes me think I was wrong about the cause, after all.

I don't have any hard data (logs, screenshots, etc.) that could help you, so this is sort of just a general fyi.

I can't even express how thrilled I am to be reminded why I purchased an OmniWeb license in the first place.