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In the market for a new solution to my "todo" and GTD needs. My ideal solution has the following:

-- Clean, fast interface to add tasks, tag them, search and sort them across multiple projects, roles (home, work) etc.
-- Available on Mac and iPhone/iPad (web is a bonus)
-- Seamless cloud-based sync (done the LAN sync route, but now spoiled by Evernote sync!)
-- Not a here-today gone-tomorrow company

As of today, no-one seels to fulfill all these needs. Things is a great app but has no cloud sync, Evernote has the sync and platform support but isnt really a "todo" app (and is cumbersome to use for this). OmniFocus is great, but atm lacks cloud sync (sigh).

Or does it? I read on this forum about Omni Sync Server but can't find out more information. Does this give me cloud sync, and if so, how can I use this with OmniFocus?

Of course, with iCloud raising awareness, everyone has been more or less forced to look at cloud sync, but as of today we seem to be in a holding pattern. True? Or am I missing something in OF ?