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I am new to mac, entourage, omnifocus but pretty hapy after a few weeks.

I know this has been covered in part, but some of the links here listed under entourage and omnifocus are actually entourage only scripts and tips.

My specific question is whether anyone has successfully linked an Entourage email to a new task with a link to the email in the omnifocus new task? I have gotten Sandro's macro to work, but without a link to the actual email it makes it a lot less useful. His script pastes the body of the message into the note field, but I saw someone else mention it should be possible to have a link to the actual email--so once the task is acted on a single click would bring up the email for action.

Also, I cannot get Omnifocus to 'come to the front' after running the macro from entourage--any tips on that?

If I am missing something, i apologize. Been searching and reading here for a couple of hours and this specific question/answer has eluded me.