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The group duration/effort is the sum of the duration/effort of all the tasks within the group.

To clarify, the feature you want is the ability to create a group, set the group duration to 8 hours, and have the tasks within the group automatically divide up the 8 hours among themselves. Is that correct?
What happens to the group duration after that if I adjust the duration of one of the tasks, or add some more tasks, possibly setting their durations? Seems like there are two broad cases:

1) I've got a good idea of how long the group will take, but may or may not have fleshed out all of the contained tasks. As I flesh them out and possibly set durations for the tasks, the "leftover time" gets divided equally among the remaining tasks which haven't had a duration explicitly set.

2) I thought I had a good idea of how long the group will take, but life has thrown me a curve and now I have to add some tasks not reflected in my original estimate for that group. If I add some new tasks, I'll want the overall group duration to increase by the amount added, presumably.

Of course, wherever I wrote duration should probably also apply to effort!