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Hi, I am successfully syncing OF and iCal individually between my MBP , iPhone and iPad. This is fantastic, as I can update info in any situation where a unit is used.

I have two unsolved questions:

1. I transfer data from email to OF and generate tasks/projects.
Is there a quick route to transfer "outline" of jobs/tasks/meetings from OmniProject or even a spreadsheet. Why? There are plenty of projects which follow same pattern and could get a kick-start with actions/projects into OF

Simple suggestion?

2. I badly want to sync actions of certain types (meetings,deadlines,calendar tasks) between OF and iCal. Get errormessage from OSX Snow L that I need updated plug-in from manufacturer. Is that so ? Is there an option pack that I require ?

Or is there a fool-proof list of actions to set up the sync correctly?

I think OF is great for planning and detailed follow-up, but love the UI of the Apple calendars - the contents of which end up in a third-party logging system for showing clients what underlying actions have been completed in projects.

I am looking forward to iPad versions of Omni programs and already use Omnigraffle. Very excited about OF and OP for iPad.

Thanks for possible responces

Rgds Lasse (who uses Omni products to brainstorm and plan small film projects)