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I'm new here and I'm relativly new to the GTD-Concept und OmniFocus for iPhone. I've searched the OmniFocus for iPhone forum, but haven't found an answer to my question. Therefore here my question:

Can OmniFocus for iPhone sort done actions automaticly?

An Example: I have a Project "Shopping" (type Parallel), where I have all things I want to shop. I want to see all unchecked and checked Actions. When I check an Action I want it to get sorted backwards in the list. All checked Actions down und unchecked Actions up in the list.

Do I oversee something or isn't it possible now other then to sort it manually?

I've got OmniFocus for iPhone 1.0.3

Thanks in Advance!
(Sorry for my bad english, I hope I did explain my wish good enough! :-)

Greetings from germany,