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I spent a little bit of time trying to do this, and I think the answer is you can't do it. You can do it on the Mac, after a fashion.

What seems like the straightforward approach is to make a context mode perspective, grouping by completed, selecting only the relevant shopping contexts, or perhaps focused on the shopping project. The rub is that there isn't an action selector in context mode which selects both completed and remaining actions. If you don't have the "immediately clean up completed actions" option set, and are willing to leave the window open in this perspective, OF on the Mac will sort the completed items into the "Completed today" group, leaving the others in the "Not yet completed" group, but unfortunately the two groups are in the opposite order of what you requested. Still, if you keep the "Completed today" group closed, I find this works acceptably well -- I still see my list of items yet to be acquired, and if I want to make sure I got something, I can open up the "Completed today" group and make sure I didn't forget to put it on the list.

On the iPhone, however, because you can't specify in the perspective that you want both complete and remaining actions, and can only instruct it to show completed actions in a project view, you're stuck. You can use the perspective constructed above, but the completed items will disappear, and if you want to check on them, you'll have to switch to viewing the project that contains them, with the settings for project view set to display all actions.