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That question is best answered by describing the three types of projects/lists. I am leaving out action groups for simplicity, but they behave essentially the same way.


3. Single Actions List - All actions are "next" because the actions are independent of one another. There is no logical sequence in which they should be performed.
I have created a parallel action group in a sequential project named "Purchases" that has several items that I would like all to be labeled as Next Actions. The idea being that I have several items to buy before moving on with the project.

"Purchases" is the first action item(a parallel action group) in my sequential project, but only the first item to purchase is showing as a next action. A few items will be purchased "online" and shown in that context will others are in my "Errands" context. I'd like them all to show as next actions in my context view.

Am I missing something, or is it just not possible at this time?