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I've found it useful to create template Projects for some things, like 'Travel'. Additionally, after duplicating a template Project for use as an actual project, I create a Perspective with the name of the active Project (e.g., "Trip to LA December 2008"), focus on both the Project and the template, and then snapshot the Perspective. Since I have my template Projects set to a start date of 1/1/2030 (to keep them from being 'available'), I set to the Projects filter to "Remaining" ("All Projects" would work as well). Since my templates are near the bottom of my Projects list, the template appears below the project I'm working on, which helps keep it out of my way. Since the text formatting is different for the template (all default grey), it additionally aids in letting me know which part (template or active) I'm editing.

The reason I add in the template, is that I often find myself editing parts of the active Project in ways that benefit updating the template. Since the template is right there, it makes applying changes to the template easier. I delete the Perspective when the active project is complete.