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I just purchased OG 5.1.1 and am having trouble exporting simple images as PNG & GIF for web use. I created a simple rectangle, no stroke for border, filled with a light grey and text on top. I set the size of the object to be an exact pixel size, changed the canvas size settings to use pixels and mapped 1 pt = 1 px. When I export the single object on the canvas that is sized at 128 x 16 pixels, it comes out as 266 x 33 pixels. This happens for both GIF and PNG. I have unchecked the "add margin" bit, but I can't get the exported image to match the size of the object on the canvas. I even changed the canvas size to be the same size as the object - same result.

I'm sure there is a setting somewhere that I've overlooked, but if I can't find it in about an hour, then there is a user interface issue IMHO. This should be simple stuff!

Thanks for any help out there!