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Originally Posted by filmgeek
Can someone explain to me where/how I use this? Is there a 'view' for this? I looked at the prior person asking about it and the answer in the thread didn't make sense.

I currently do a daily/weekly review, but I'm curious about what that button is for.
I use this by the following method:
Select the View->Projects Menu
Select the View->Show View Bar menu (if the view bar is already shown, the menu item will say Hide View Bar)

You want to select the second grouping that looks like {}, from ungrouped to next review

I go through all projects that haven't been reviewed in the past.
Select a project
go through action items to make sure there is a next action defined
Then select the Edit->Mark Reviewed menu item

(put the mark reviewed icon on my toolbar so I can have a button to click to mark the project reviewed)

In the past I've done weekly reviews. Now I'm attempting to do a daily review for projects that haven't been reviewed in a week.