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Status per today: r201109 does google mail, but still crashes with some sites,
The crashes are happening deep in Apple's code, and I'm having trouble tracking them down. If anyone can help me find a pattern for reliably reproducing them (visiting a particular website, loading a particular set of websites all at once, or whatever), I would love to figure out what it is that's triggering the crash. But right now, I'm not quite sure what the issue is. (Their framework is crashing when it tries to create a copy of a URL response, but I don't know what it is about the response that is crashing it.)

(Turning on both "Copy log to crash reports" and "Show HTTP Requests" in the Error Log window will include more detail in your next crash report, but if you turn those on you should review your crash reports in Mail before sending them, just to make sure you don't send anything sensitive from your browsing history. Search for the string "console-log-for-crash-report.log" to see what history is being sent.)

still no middle mouse button.
I think the middle mouse button should start working in r201125 and later.