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We've had pretty good luck using cvs and some procedural stuff.

When we update our project file, we're doing this on a team basis, each team lead updates the information for their team.

1) We establish who will edit the file first/second etc.
2) Repeat this process for each person
a) Update the project file (cvs update)
b) Filter the project file to show only your team (being able to save filters
would work GREAT here)
c) Make your updates
d) Commit your changes (cvs commit)
e) Notify the next person in line.
3) When everyone's changes are in, we pass the file up the ladder, the overall manager runs leveling etc based on our individual changes. If there are issues (there normally are) we'll resolve them at that time.

This is by no means a great replacement for a multi-user tool, but it's been getting the job done.