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Batch search is great. And I like OmniOutliner auto-hoists a clicked individual result (a listed section).

But neither Batch search nor Find will locate text in "pop-up" columns!

Search/Find work as expected if I set the column type to Rich Text. Please don't tell me that choosing the Rich Text column type is a necessary step.

Once again I find the "OmniOutliner-3.0-Manual.pdf" anemic—this time on the topics of Find, Search and Pop-up: I only see seven references to Pop-up list in the 3.0 User Guide, and none mention anything about pop-up columns being excluded from Search and Find.

Since my adoption of OmniOutliner I've always felt that its documentation is surprisingly sparse for such a great product. And sorry to say, the built-in in Help system is even less helpful and less navigable that the User Guide.

I'm using OOpro 3.10.

The Help menu does not provide a URL for the latest User Guide. (A reply in another thread hinted of a more recent User Guide. That would be wonderful, particularly if it covers topics more completely!)



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