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Thanks Rob. Once again, you've written a script that really extends OO for me. I've long been frustrated by the inability to filter a view by columnar data. While this script doesn't actually filter the view, by highlighting every item with the search string, it's a good 2nd best solution for me.

Up till today, I've been creating "Tags" in a separate column, and then using the Utility Drawer search function to search for them. The Tags column had to be a text column, not a drop-down list, as OO's search function wouldn't search for values in a drop-down list. This is major for me. Using a drop-down list is a real improvement for me, as it means I don't have to type the same Tags in each time (and don't have to make sure the spelling is exact) ... I just choose the desired Tag from the drop-down list and it gets entered properly.

Many, many thanks.