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I was hoping that someone could help me figure out if this can be accomplished. I have not been able to figure it out. If it can't be accomplished what features would I have to request in order for it to work.

I have a group of actions (marketing campaign) that I repeat every week. The action group looks somewhat like this:
  • Weekly Marketing Campaign - <insert date>
  • Download Prospect List
  • Mail Merge
  • Mail Letter #1
  • Mail Letter #2
  • Mail Letter #3
  • Archive Prospects

So the timing on the tasks varies. The entire group needs to repeat on a weekly basis, no matter if the previous group was completed or not. Then tasks 1-3 are due on the first day that group is created. Task 4 (Mail Letter #2) needs to happen 10 days after task 3 (letter #1). Then the last two tasks (letter #3) need to be due 10 days after task 4 (letter #2).

Please let me know if I did not explain this properly so that I can clarify.

Thanks for you help in advance!