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Originally Posted by Nat
first of all it doesn't work with flash ads
If you look at some of the other threads on this topic, you will see that a better way to block flash ads has been discussed quite a bit. I think there's even some messages from the OG on it.

Here's one thread on it:

and moreover it block a single image without letting you customize the url.
There's also a thread on that:

I think that the firefox adblock plugin i posted early is the best way to integrate simple ads-blacklisting.
I disagree. I use Adblock and find it horribly user unfriendly. For example, if I go to a site that has 30 ad images on it and 50 other images on it, I have to scroll through the long list to try and find the file I want to block. Finally I find, for example, asldjkdjkl09834980ejadkjfd.swf and block it. Oh, wait, that wasn't the right one, I needed to block asldjkdjkl098349803jadkjfd.swf.

That works, but when I reload the page now there's a new ad, jafidusodiufo9d8f08sdfj.swf. Sure I can go through and enter a string that blocks that image server, but I can do that in OW too.