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Nag alert:

This will be the third time I've posted in this forum about OmniWeb and it's inability to process the javascript command showModalDialog.

In Safari 3, I click on the javascript link, it opens a pop-up window as it's supposed to.

In OmniWeb, the following error is logged in the console:

"ReferenceError: Can't find variable: showModalDialog undefined line 1"

What's surprising is that in the other two bug reports, Omnigroup hasn't responded and at least given the satisfaction of an answer. I'll take 'We're not going to fix it, so drop it." if that's the answer. I like the browser, but it's annoying to drop to Safari just for a couple of web-based internal applications that utilize showModalDialog.

Any (and I do mean ANY) response would be appreciated.

Other reports filed for showModalDialog: