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I have my global preferences set to block images from third-party sites. Since this blocks useful images on many sites, back in OW 5.1 days I created a QuicKeys X shortcut script to enable third-party images:
  1. Command-I (Show Info)
  2. Click site-specific preferences tab
  3. Click ad-blocking sub-tab
  4. Click "From third-party sites" button if it's currently on
  5. Command-I (Show Info)
  6. Command-I (Close Show Info panel)
  7. Command-Shift-I (Load Images)
In OW 5.1.3, this shortcut was fun to watch, as OmniWeb flashed from one state to the next. (The actual script has a couple of half-second pauses to let OW catch up.)

The script still works with OW 5.5sp3, but it's frustrating to sit through a 15-20 second pause at step 4. Although it takes a long time for the checkbox to become unchecked, it's not clear whether the delay occurs before OmniWeb receives the click or before the display gets updated.

QuicKeys X 3.1.1 has two ways of pushing the button: "Tell button to click itself" and "Click button" (more Carbon-compatible). Both behave the same.

When I perform the operations manually, OmniWeb responds quickly to each step, including step 4.

I'm not ready to point the bug finger in a particular direction. I'm merely curious what might be going on.

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