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Maybe this doesn't count as a bug, as the function does what it says, but I'd like it to do more. :-)

First, I don't know what that menu item is called in English; what I mean is the menu item in the "Window" menu that, translated from German, is called "Save window size".

I'd like OW to pop up always at the same position when I start it. Which it does, actually, but not at the position I want it to. :-)

I should be at the left- and topmost position possible. It is at a position slightly down and to the right of the upper left corner of the screen, though - just like cascading windows, if it was the second one.

It's quite annoying to always have to put the window back to the position where I'd like it to be.

So: Please make that menu item save the window position, also.

And meanwhile: Does anybody have some workspace trick at hand that might accomplish the same? My workspace #1, which I use for daily work, isn't set to be saved. Is there maybe some clever trick to save it once, and with it the window position, and then set it not to be saved again, still retaining the window position?