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Your templates reside in your account's Application Support folder <~/Library/Application Support/The Omni Group/OmniGraffle/Templates/>

If you create folders within that folder and place your templates within them, that should be reflected in the Template Chooser.

As far as descriptions go, the description is simply the template's file name.

Does that help?
Yes, it helps.

About naming, I was asking because I first had a look into the application folder, and saw that "system templates" have a localized name besides the file name.
But maybe they have completely different rules.

Just an idea for future release, why not use the meta information like description, subject, comment provided in the document panel ?
Also, it could be nice to have an "import" feature as it is with stencil, most users infact, especially pure business people, are not so confident with moving file around the filesystem.

Besides that, the product is great. We are on a mission critical application, and using OmniGraffle helped us to saves a lot of time in building/modifying wireframes, and show them to client.