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Hmmm. I know this won't help, but I tried to duplicate this with a 125x26 rectangle with no stroke, all export settings like yours, and my output PNG (as reported by Finder) was 125x26. If I imported the PNG to OmniGraffle, the Geometry Inspector still reports 125x26.

Maybe you have a shadow set? I don't know what else it could be. Does Finder report the same (wrong) size?


As a side note, I tried the same thing with a 1pt stroke on the rectangle, and my exported size was 129x30. Odd, since I'd expect at most a 2pt increase per dimension.

So I opened it in Fireworks and found the raster rectangle was 126x27 (apparently the stroke is centered on the border), and for some reason it was sitting within a transparent background of 129x30.

This seems like a bug, as the rectangle should fill the transparent background. The same thing happened if I specified a margin of 0 on export. Also, it didn't matter what format I exported to - even PDF showed the rectangle sitting within a larger background in Acrobat. Seems like the only anti-aliasing would be on the rounded corners, and that shouldn't extend beyond the rectangle bounds. Even if the corners are square I get this extra space.


Have you tried opening the image in a raster graphics program (Photoshop, Fireworks) to see if you have 1px of transparency on one side of the rectangle or the other? Not that this would solve your problem, but at least you'd know what was going on.