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I have 2 issues with the Page Info tab in the Site Preferences Pane:

1) hover to display URL of loaded element is inconsistent. I have had numerous instances where the URL for a page element cannot be made to display at all. This primarily occurs after an element in the list has been examined or clicked on. In such cases, closing the Site Prefs pane and re-opening is necessary to revive the hover functionality. Generally, the time required to hover and the cursor sweet spot seem arbitrary.

2) for some pages the display of the element list in the Page Info tab scrolls back to the top and automatically expands all disclosure triangles every few seconds. This does not seem to be the page itself refreshing. Rather once you start scrolling through the list or collapsing groups, something is causing the element list to refresh and bounce you to the top. In cases like this, you can't keep the cursor over the element long enough to get a URL before the list refreshes or use the save as or display commands, either.

What I'd ideally like to see for both of these issues is the use of a context menu to disclose the URL and make it available for copying. This is preferable to hovering, as there are things I would like to do with these links besides look at them. I would love to make use of this to copy/paste into the Filter dialog in particular.

These behaviors affect both the latest 5.8 Sneaky Peeks and previous 5.7 release versions. However, #2 is particularly pronounced in the 5.8 builds.