Thread: Backup vs. Sync
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I'm using the syncing between two desktops and the iPhone. I'm constantly amazed at how well it works. It just happens in the background. The only thing I need to do is to keep the computer running and OF application open. I'm using the sync to mobile me.

That said, what you are describing is a way to sync and at one point I did the same thing you are speaking of. It's a huge hassle but it can work.

What I did was:
get a USB thumb drive
drag the OF file from your user>library>application support>omnifocus folder.
(should be the file called OmniFocus)
to your USB keychain.

Whenever you want to open the omnifocus file, don't open the omnifocus application. Double click on the OmniFocus file on the USB drive and that file will open in OmniFocus.