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I say no. The reason being: Any GTD system is going to have a lot of stuff that is worthless to keep; much more than it will have worth keeping. There are a lot of projects and tasks that I wish to keep documentation on for future reference, but if the same system that collected them was used to archive them, it would become quite a monumental task to weed it from the hundreds of chaff tasks around it.

In system that I've been using for several years now, I built a little checkmark into each action. If I feel that action is worthy of archival, I check it off as I check off the completion checkmark. At the end of every day, I file all of my completed actions into archival bins and forget about them. Eventually when there is a couple hundred of them, I run an export template against those archival bins that puts all of these reference worthy items into the MultiMarkdown format which I find useful as an archival format for its functional readability. These get imported into the archive database application of my preference. Then I dump all of the old actions into an archive file separate from the GTD file. This keeps the GTD file clean and not too heavy-weight with years of "print out the article on speculative evolution," and whatnot.

Something like that would be useful in OF. If you could tag an old action as "Keep," and then export all of these periodically to some useful format it would solve the need for back-reference while not having to dig through months of chaff. Tag it while it is hot.