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I vote no. I think storing documents & files in OmniFu would make it unwieldy. Then again, maybe not.

I guess I'd like the option of not having to use it for storage. One reason I don't use Midnight's Inbox is because it doesn't give me a choice. I don't need it or want it to organize my hard drive, or collect all the junk I have stored in there.

I'm not opposed to it storing stuff, I guess. If it's going to do that, I guess my main concern is that offers me great flexibility in how I organize my storage. I have a hard time imagining how OmniFu could offer a flexible, extensible structure, but that doesn't mean it's impossible... Okay, I'm changing my "no" to a "maybe."

I would like be able to drag aliases to documents and files on my hard drive into OmniFu.