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I reserve "flagged" as an indication that I'm planning to do something today and due dates for things that must be done today.

Then during the day I live with the Status Filter set to Due or Flagged which eliminates all the cruft I don't care about.

This pre-supposes a certain level of sanity in your task database in the first place, which I get to with weekly reviews and a quick daily flagging session for tasks I plan to pick off today. For that I use a Status Filter of Unflagged to see only candidate tasks and flag them accordingly.

As other comments indicated above - if you come across tasks or whole projects that you know you're not going to tackle soon then bumping the start date forward a few days/weeks or putting them on hold means you don't get presented with an overwhelming list of candidate tasks avery morning.

One of the benefits (for me) of a regular review is to remind myself what normally invisible projects/tasks I have so I don't enter things twice.