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Copy/pasting Ken's most recent status update (originally a comment on our blog) into a forum post so folks can find it more easily.

Without further ado...

Whew! Busy day, sorry for posting so late in the evening…

After soliciting feedback from all our testers (internal and external), it looks like everyone is happy with the current state of app for 1.0 except for one last missing feature: drag-and-drop reordering of tasks. Fortunately, we’ve done a lot of that work for the iPhone app (which is one of the reasons it seems like the iPad app really should support it), though it’s complicated by all the new custom interface code for presenting tasks in an outline.

After working on drop-and-drop reordering through the afternoon and evening it looks like it’s about half-way done, so I’m hoping we’ll have that wrapped up tomorrow. At that point I think we’ll be ready to declare code freeze, give QA some time to test code that isn’t changing on them every 20 minutes, and once they’ve had a chance to do that we’ll be ready to submit to the App Store.

Would you like to be notified by email as soon as OmniFocus is in the App Store? We have a low-traffic OmniNews mailing list for just that sort of thing! If you’re interested, you can subscribe to the OmniNews list using this page.

But for those who prefer to follow along blow by blow, I’ll post another update tomorrow.