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I have entered my vote, but I was hoping to hear from people regarding the bigger issue of managing multiple task managers. I'm curious from a workflow/productivity standpoint. Do you enter in every task twice (once in OF and once in whatever other task manager you're using)? Do you just use OF for things that don't fit into the realm of the other task manager software/application?

This matters a great deal to me because, for what seems like the umpteenth time, I am trying to create the most efficient routine for integrating OF into my life. I have it on my laptop, desktop (at work), iPhone and iPad, yet I keep finding myself almost dreading to use it because it feels like I won't be able to manage everything properly. I have never spent enough time setting up Perspectives (always done on an ad hoc basis and usually never done well) and I have so many different context concepts (work/phone/home vs. do/research/communicate) that it feels like a legacy system that is just past its prime.

This is a very long-winded cry for help. I'd definitely appreciate an OF sherpa or guru to offer any advice that can help.