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I've been using OF for about 2+ years and over time I've used it less & less.. I host it on my home server, have it on my iPhone, iPad & Macs. After trying the techniques to use as prescribed via the GTD doctrine, in the end it served best for me as an effective a to-do list.

But even when utilizing it this way, what bugged me the most is 'going to it' (meaning proactively checking my devices) to check on what to to next.

I then got turned on the gmail's priority inbox and OF became obsolete in an instant: the main reason for me is.. at work I'm always staring at gmail and on any system (mac, win linux). My priority inbox shows me my todo labels, as I've arranged, right at the top of my email view, and below is 'everything else' as it is coined. I look at the list, I do something, and unlable it as a to-do, done. And people are happy at work.

I love OF and didn't want to abandon it but gmail priority for a to-do list just makes sense (for me) although, I find my self wanting, and wishing to work with Omnifocus. So I thought it would be great if it was mail client or better a webmail client where it allows you to add & view your email accts, and handles all your tasks, projects and all other OF project organizing features all in one place. And if not a webmail client at least a desktop & iOS mail client that did the same. Anyways, one can dream..thanks and back to gmail.

PS. if this isn't the place to post a suggestion, can someone pls point me in the right place?